Notes from Designer and Landscape Manager – Matt Ripley

This landscape was in dire need of horticultural guidance and was facing a range of issues from inappropriate plantings for the region, poor water quality clogging the irrigation, and a maintenance that left a lot to be desired. The client was seeking a meditative sanctuary that had the whims of a cottage garden but with a Sonoma County plant palette.

I utilized every corner of the property to create destination points including wooden decking under the Redwoods, walking paths weaving through planting areas, and private corners for deep meditative moments. As these various areas provided varying levels of sun and wind exposure I was able to delve into a diverse plant palette with bold perennial blooms accented with ornamental grasses, deep shade foliar textures with intriguing colors, and a coastally influenced succulent garden.

Installation as part of the team at Gardenworks Inc.

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