Inspired Landscapes is founded on the principle that landscape design and management is an artform utilizing horticultural expertise and passion for sustainable practices. Inspired Landscapes creates outdoor environments that dazzle the senses through dynamic seasonal colors, thoughtfully crafted hardscapes, fragrant plant selections, as well as sounds and movements of humming birds, butterflies and local pollinators dutifully tending the blooms.

Our landscapes showcase their beauty in both form and function.

As industry leading, award-winning professionals, we hold an array of certifications in water management, sustainability, and horticulture. We specialize in analyzing each client’s individual goals and land so that we can create and maintain custom landscapes uniquely suited to their lifestyle as well as being appropriate for the site conditions.

Our rich background and experience as landscape professionals in Sonoma County allows us excel in all elements of the landscape process including design, installation, maintenance, and irrigation.

A lifetime of passion for horticulture…

My earliest memories are ones spent with my parents tending the gardens of my childhood home, picking tomatoes in the hot august sun and then marveling at clouds of butterflies with my grandpa, lying in the grass and finding wonder in light dancing through the leaves of the trees… More than anything I loved setting off to hike through wild areas to immerse myself in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature on it’s own terms. After spending much of my youth outdoors, it was clear my calling was to be working with the land and found my passion in designing, building, and maintaining landscapes.

By the time high school arrived I was working in the local native plant nursey and blending organic fertilizers and soon thereafter began my first landscaping job with a focus on sustainable practices managing estate residential properties in Marin County. Over the past 15 years I’ve held a range of horticulturally focused jobs which provided hands-on experience in every category of the landscape industry including maintenance foreman, installation foreman, irrigation technician, maintenance and installation supervisor, and finally as lead of sales and design at a highly awarded design build firm based in Healdsburg, CA.

Working in the field taught me the ins and outs of every aspect of the landscape industry while also instilling a deep appreciation for the hard work required to create and maintain truly stunning landscapes. After returning to school to study design, I spent the last five years in a leading role designing and overseeing the installation of Estate, Residential, and Winery Estate landscapes throughout Sonoma and Napa County. Utilizing native and climate adapted plants as well as ornamentals well suited for our region, I strive to create landscapes which are full of life, color, and vibrant energy. These landscapes engage all of our senses while providing habitat for local birds, insects, butterflies, pollinators, and structured to be in harmony with the land so that they thrive with little maintenance and minimal water.

In design, my inspirations are drawn from backpacking trips through the Sierra just as much as they are from ornate gardens found in the Wineries and Estates of Sonoma county. By blending this love of wild nature with ornamental artistry, I create landscapes with intent to inspire my clients to relax outdoors immersed in the magic that is a thriving garden. Inspired Landscapes is the culmination of this lifetime spent loving and tending to outdoor environments and am thrilled to share this passion with you!

Matt Ripley

Owner of Inspired Landscapes