Notes from designer and Landscape Manager – Matt Ripley

I began managing and renovating this property nearly 10 years ago when the property’s foundations were in place but the landscape was in desperate need for a loving hand and new ideas. Progressively throughout the years I have redesigned the property head to toe with stunning combinations of color meant to provide a bold entrance and and vibrant entertainment areas for this estate perched over the eastern hills of Santa Rosa.

The extensive grounds were severly impacted during the 2017 fires which gave us an opportunity to introduce many new concepts and heavily leaned on native plant selections to retain the extremely steep fire damaged terrain. What were once ashy slopes at risk of erosion are now flourishing meadows of CA Fuchisa, Sonoma Creeping Salvias, California Lilac, California poppies and lupine, Native Milkweed and much more.

Through a wonderful partnership of mutual trust between myself and it’s owner, the property now reflects a wide range of bountiful energy expressing many facets of my signature style which blends sustainable practices, dynamic native plantings, and exquisite ornamental combinations.

Partial Installation as part of the team at Gardenworks Inc.

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