Irrigation Service

  • CLCA Certified ‘Water Manager Experts’
  • Qualified Water Efficient Landscapers (QWEL – Certification)
  • ‘Smart’ WIFI enabled weather based irrigation controllers
  • Advanced ET (Evapotranspiration) based controller programming and scheduling
  • Retrofits of old irrigation systems for water efficient technology
  • Audits with detailed reports of existing irrigation systems
  • Repair of breaks and leaks
  • Sprinklers, drip, bubblers, veggie boxes, planters and more.
  • Maintenance and monthly adjustments of existing irrigation systems
  • WUCOLS and MWELO plan preparation and permit submittals
  • Site planning and Irrigation system design with CAD (computer drafted) software.
  • Water meter, flow meter, back flow prevention installations
  • If it involves landscape irrigation, we are your experts!

Conserving water is critical in our drought stricken state, and 9% of California’s water is used for landscapes, therefore expert irrigation planning, design, installation, and retrofitting should be at the top of every homeowner’s priorities. As landscape irrigation specialists in Sonoma County, we hold multiple water management certifications from the California Landscape Contractors Association and the Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership which demonstrate our longstanding commitment to leadership in water management. Through utilization of the most current irrigation technologies we take pride in simplifying water conservation, helping homeowners achieve their water reduction goals, and ensuring their landscapes thrive by applying the right amount of water, at the correct time, with the most efficient devices. We see it as a necessity that as Sonoma County landscape contractors we take the lead in water conservation efforts.

WIFI-enabled weather based irrigation controllers are an essential new tool for water management. ‘Smart Controllers’ connect to local weather stations to provide up to the hour data which the controller uses to increase or decrease water as needed or shut off entirely during rain events. Additionally they can be connected to flow sensors and provide reports of exactly how much water was used, when, and from which irrigation zone. All elements of the controller can be viewed, edited, and controlled remotely from a smartphone or computer. The benefits over traditional controllers are monumental and we are happy to help you access and teach you how to use this wonderful technology. We were involved in beta-testing some of the first WIFI-enabled irrigation controllers making us the forefront authority on which systems work best, and how to implement them into your property.

We provide expert landscape and irrigation services in Sonoma County, so whether you are starting a project from scratch, have an old system which needs upgrades, or have an irrigation break or leak which needs attention, we can handle it!