• Lawn care – mowing/edging/fertilization
  • Ornamental pruning – shrubs, perennials, trees
  • Irrigation – cleaning/repairing, controller management/programming
  • Specialty pruning – orchards, roses, espalier
  • Site planning – monthly walkthroughs by horticultural supervisor
  • Hardscape maintenance – blowing, washing, debris removal
  • Specialty fertilization programs – organically based and customized for your landscape
  • Sustainably focused because every landscape is part of the larger ecosystem
  • Vegetable and edible gardens
  • One time or quarterly/seasonal clean ups or specialty pruning projects
  • Estate landscape consultation and planning
  • and so much more, we care for all types and sizes of landscapes!

We’ve spent many years in our client’s gardens as well as own and are finely attuned to the rhythms and cycles of Sonoma County landscapes. Our team holds certifications including PLANET LIC – Horticulture Technician, Bay Friendly Landscape Manager, CLCA Water Manger, and QWEL (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper). With this horticultural and water management expertise we create the conditions for your landscape to thrive for many years to come.

Through our site planning process we prioritize seasonal tasks such as fertilization, specialty fruit tree, rose, and ornamental pruning, soil cultivation, and weed control during the correct times of the year allowing your landscape to reach it’s full potential and be a source of pride for you as a home or business owner. We understand that every landscape is a part of the larger ecosystem and therefore prioritize sustainable practices and the use of organic products.

Our services include one time or seasonal clean ups and pruning work as well as weekly or bi-weekly visits for mowing, blowing, pruning, and all aspects of horticultural care as well as irrigation management. Each site receives regularly scheduled walk-throughs from the management team to create detailed punch lists to guide the field crews attention and ensure a vibrant landscape. Additionally we analyze every site’s soil conditions, sun exposure, plant types, and irrigation methods to create a customized irrigation schedule and water management program which delivers the water plants need without wasting this precious and limited resource.