Notes from designer and Landscape Manager – Matt Ripley

This client had a large undeveloped hillside that accounted for the majority of the property’s usable outdoor space but access was severely limited by the steep the slope. They were dreaming of an area to cultivate vegetables as well as a Tuscan themed ornamental area including a large fountain which could serve as a grand entry leading guests from the parking to back decking and entertainment areas.

One major design challenge was at the driveway did not align with the house, making the placement and angle of the walls a bit tricky so as not to make one area feel at odds with the other yet still provide a smooth transition. Utilizing contemporary angles, the concrete walls form abstract angles suggests a flow of movement through the terraces while simultaneously solving the elevation issues.

The resulting aesthetic is a intriguing combination of contemporary expressions combined with traditional Tuscan stalwarts with French Lavender iconic Iceberg Roses framing the upper stairs which land onto decomposed granite pathways. The Italian fountain is off-set revealing the view to the lower areas of the property including native-perennial plantings to draw beneficial insects and pollinators to the redwood vegetable planters.

Installation as part of the team at Gardenworks Inc.

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