3 Design Ideas For Pool Landscapes

3 Design Ideas For Pool Landscapes

Sonoma County is known for its hot weather and many people live by their pool in the summer or are looking for a friend with a pool to go hang out with.  If you’re that person, you’re going to want an amazing outdoor space to entertain in, or simply enjoy for yourself and your family.  Here are 3 design ideas to share with a Backyard landscape designer near you

 backyard with pool, green grass and plants next to a house

Create contrast and architectural interest with stained wood features.

We all know the inviting blue waters of a pool on a hot day, and framing that space with a contrasting rich stained wood accentuates that effect.   As landscape designers in Healdsburg we designed this stained cedar wall to add definition to the pool in this small space by highlighting its length with horizontal slat boards.

large wooden frame with lights over patio space with chairs

Use natural stone or pavers as your pool deck.

It’s hard to beat the beauty of natural stone around a pool, whether it’s flagstone, travertine, or something in between, the diversity in color and texture combinations can’t be matched.  While some are better than others for being around a pool because of possible slip hazards, a qualified landscape design consultant in Sonoma County will know exactly what to recommend.

Pavers are an elegant yet cost effective way to create a dynamic pool deck that is non-slippery, and durable for many years to come.  They come in many textures, colors, and sizes and we regularly incorporate them into our designs as they add more dynamics than concrete because of the patterns you can create as well as the textured color effects that can be created.

Another advantage of pavers and natural stone is that they are easily repaired.  Unlike concrete slabs where a crack is forever, simply pull out a cracked paver and replace it with relative ease.  This ensures longevity within your landscape design.

backyard with pool, green grass and plants

Utilize softer elements as an entry or exit from the pool.

Add to the natural feel of your landscape by having some edges be ‘soft’ which could include shrub or flower planting but also could be grass or artificial turf.

In the photo from one of our Healdsburg pool landscape designs (pictured above) above we used artificial turf around the pool to achieve this effect.  The client had a very small area between their pool and an existing raised planting area that wasn’t functional as a patio.  By incorporating a strip of artificial turf the area was allowed to provide contract with the pool water and stained cedar wall, but also create a comfortable zone to lie on the side of the pool, or get in/out while playing without being on the main patios.

Designing a landscape around a pool is a process full of challenging choices, let a Landscape designer near you streamline the process.   Take the stress out of it so you can get to relaxing and enjoying your amazing space to entertain family and friends.