Do I Really Need a Landscape Contractor?

Do I Really Need a Landscape Contractor?

Many folks think of landscaping as a DIY project, whether that’s installation or maintenance, and for some people, it’s one of the joys of having a home. However, sometimes it can become a chore that drains your energy, resulting in an outdoor space that is left unkempt and can’t be properly enjoyed. Oftentimes people have big ideas but don’t know where to start and then never end up having an outdoor space to spend time in.

Plenty of folks start with great intentions, but then invest a ton of money into a DIY project only to find they did something wrong and must redo it or end up hiring a professional to fix it anyway. While landscaping can be a fun and rewarding activity, sometimes it’s best to hire landscape contractors near me in Healdsburg so that you get to relax in your outdoor spaces, rather than stressing about it!

Here are some common situations we find clients struggle with:

Is It Worth It to Do Your Own Landscaping?

Handling landscape projects on your own can save you money but is also very time-consuming and hard work. Unless getting sweaty and dirty is your thing, you might consider hiring a professional who can get the job done quickly so you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying the results.

Gardening Your Way

Hiring a professional for maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get to enjoy working in the garden either!  We partner with many clients who love harvesting vegetables or cutting flowers to make floral arrangements, but these same people don’t enjoy pulling weeds or handling large pruning projects.  Understanding what you do and don’t want to do in your garden can help you find the right fit for your preferred level of professional involvement.

Are Landscape Designers Worth It?

Landscape designers are the most important professionals to consider hiring because they will make decisions that create a beautiful and functional landscape that thrives for years to come.  They also can make sure your vision is something you can afford to build, and help you make informed choices that achieve your goals while fitting into your budget.

Professional Expertise

While anyone can look up plants online and pick them from pretty pictures, or go find some attractive plants at the store, many of these plants might not work well on your property with the specific soil, sun, and other environmental conditions.  Save yourself the stress of watching your new favorite plants die by hiring a landscape designer who understands horticulture and will guide you to the correct plants based on your aesthetic preferences.  A high-quality professional landscape designer will have a broad knowledge of plants that grow well in your area and can provide a range of choices for you to pick from.

Should I Spend Money on A Landscape Contractor?

Landscaping can raise your property value by 12-15%, meaning investing in professional work can provide great returns.  High-quality professional work increases your chances of returning on investment.

Making Landscapes That Last

Landscape contractors have creative solutions that you might not have thought of, like water saving techniques or planting layouts. This expertise saves you time and money when navigating how to design, install, and maintain the outdoor spaces you want to spend time in.

Often certain steps must happen before others and only a professional with years of experience will know what these are, what order they should happen in, and what impacts to consider when making decisions about what/how/where to install certain landscape features.

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