How To Improve Your Property Value With A Landscape Designer

How To Improve Your Property Value With A Landscape Designer

Sonoma County is world-renowned as a fabulous place to live and vacation.  Our county is studded with stunning properties both small and large, from residential to winery estates and how the outdoor spaces are designed is an essential part of the lure of this region.

Yet how does one figure out how to maximize their ability to enjoy their property and make choices that thoughtfully improve their home value?  This question is at the core of the importance of hiring a landscape designer.

Landscapes are often 8-15% of the value of a property in Sonoma County, with that much on the line you need a professional at your side.  Understanding what is possible, how to efficiently use your budget, and what brings value to an outdoor space is essential.  As providers of landscaping design in Sonoma County, here are a couple of key ideas we often introduce into the conversation with our clients.

Bocce Ball Courts

For both homeowners and those managing wineries or vacation rentals, a Bocce Ball court is an incredible way to add value to your outdoor space.  They provide a touch of elegance, while also a place to congregate and play.

Anyone from a small child to a grandparent can enjoy a game of bocce and this timeless sport is a hallmark of the wine country experience.  Social, laid back, and a great reason to bring a glass of wine out into the garden, Bocce Ball courts are a favorite choice for those hoping to entertain themselves and their guests outdoors.

The photo above is from a Sonoma County landscape design project of ours, now take a look below for the ‘before’ photo.  It started as a dusty unused space, afterwards, it became rich with various colors of decomposed granite, dark mulch, and lush green grasses arranged in a contemporary style.

Our design doubled their usable outdoor space providing stable access to the vegetable garden and a beautiful space to play games with their young children and friends visiting from out of town.

Open land with planter boxes with green plants and trees in the background

Water Features

Near the top of the list for exceptional landscapes elements would be water features including waterfalls. Particularly valuable for winery landscape design but also for homeowners, water features truly cast the viewer into another realm and bring nature into your own outdoor space.  However, we’ve seen countless failed homeowner or handyman attempts to build water features and it’s always a nightmare story of leaks and failed piping.

This is why hiring a landscape designer near you such as this Healdsburg and Windsor client did, is so important.  Having an expert who knows how to design the plumbing, structural support, and how to incorporate plantings, pathways, lighting, walls, and more can and will transform your blank slate into a world class environment.

The before and after photos speak for themselves!  See below for before and after pictures of this landscape that was abandoned by an unqualified handyman team, we came in and redesigned the space with fresh vision and inspiration.

Blue skies with open land with rocks and shrubs


 Sand path, large rocks with water features, and green trees

Get in touch with us today at (707) 395-7474,  to improve your property value by being your choice for landscaping design in Sonoma County We have a wealth of experience with all sorts of properties as Healdsburg-based landscape designers and would love to bring your dreams to life!