How to design a stunning Winery landscape

How to design a stunning Winery landscape

Healdsburg is a small town in the northern end of Sonoma County with a big impact on winery tourism and entertainment.  With large developments of new residential and vacation homes in the Mill Creek District, Parkland Farms, and Montage, there is no doubt that all eyes are on this little town that we call home.

The majority of the development in this area is geared around people’s interest in the many world-class wineries.  Our wineries not only create exemplary wines but also focus on the experiential aspects of visiting each estate property. The landscape is a major component of delivering an unforgettable experience to your guests.

As landscape designers near you in Healdsburg with over 15 years of experience working with wineries, we are the most qualified and well-suited company to take on your winery landscape design and maintenance.  Here at Inspired Landscapes we are deeply entrenched in wine country culture and understand how sustainability, farm-to-table dining, and bold landscape design are critical elements for drawing visitors to your winery. Finding ways to combine these elements together is one of our greatest passions and strongest contributions to the landscape industry.

After severe fire damage to the landscapes at Coursey Graves Winery whose tasting room is based in the Healdsburg Square, our lead designer Matt Ripley took on the task of reimagining their estate’s landscape.   Through meetings with the owners and winemaker, we discussed the various wines they specialized in making, along with the food pairings they served during tastings as well as discussing ways to increase the farm-to-table experience at their estate.

Landscape design plan with images of different colored plants.

We used the color palette of these wines to theme various parts of the landscape to match each wine so that during tastings their guides could use them as seasonal references.  These combinations are frequently used in their advertising and social media posts to build the story behind the experience of visiting the estate. We viewed the natural contours of the land and the movement of wind across it and used this motion to guide the layout and flow of colors across the landscape, creating a dynamic and sweeping display of color throughout the year.

White wine in front of yellow flowers, Red wine in front of blue and pink flowers.

Additionally we installed edible flowers within these color palettes that could be added to cheese and bread plates that were served with these wines.  To complement this experience even further, we aided the establishment of honey bee colonies that feed on the vast flower gardens we created, as well as pollinate the orchard, vines, and vegetable beds.  In turn, these colonies produce honey that is harvested and packaged in jars for visitors to take home with them, cementing the memory of their visit after they return home.

Red, yellow, white, and green flowers and grass and blue skies.

This combination of landscape, food, and drink brought an entirely immersive experience to clients visiting the estate, connecting them with the land in a deep and meaningful way that is not found at the vast majority of wineries they visit on their trips.  The expression on their faces as they taste the wine, food, and floral pairings was one of awe, something they are sure to share with friends and family!

Building these bonds with your visitors is what creates lifetime customers through wine club memberships, future visits to share this memorable experience with loved ones, and sharing their favorite winery visit through social media.  Inspired Landscape’s thoughtful and holistic approach to building landscapes makes us the best choice for winery landscape design in Healdsburg, so give us a call today at (707) 395-7474 to set up your consultation and let’s start building the story of your winery’s experience together.