Why Choose a Landscape Design Build Company?

Why Choose a Landscape Design Build Company?

Home and Business Owners alike know the value and joy that comes from a beautiful landscape on their property, but how to transform a dull space or old failing landscape into a vibrant new outdoor environment can be daunting!  Inspired Landscapes offers Sonoma County landscape design services for projects of all sizes with extensive knowledge of native and exotic plants, soil types, and aesthetic principles, we are uniquely suited to create landscapes tailored specifically for the needs of each individual client.

Landscape Architect vs. Design Build Company

So what’s the difference between hiring a landscape architect and a design build company?  A design build company is one that creates landscape designs but also installs them, this provides a tremendous value to the client because one of the most common blocks to building a new landscape is the budget.  Landscape Architects can only vaguely estimate what a landscape might cost to build and are paid depending on how many hours they spend on creating the design.  This means you might end up spending thousands of dollars creating a design that you can’t actually afford to build!  A design build company such as Inspired Landscapes will be able to provide you with accurate pricing along every step of the design process including during a conceptual plan so that changes can be made to ensure the budget is feasible before many design hours are used to create a more detailed and specific planting plan.

Additionally a design build company actually intends to install the landscape for you, so they are considering exactly how every landscape element will be constructed when making design choices.  This is critically important because the location of utilities, elevation changes, sun conditions, and so much more greatly impact how much your project will cost to build, but also if your landscape will thrive in the years to come.  A design build company is highly invested in ensuring the landscape they build will succeed and so every decision made along the way is carefully considered to be sure it works in real life and not just on paper. Landscape design contractors in Sonoma County are licensed and insured, meaning you have an experienced and qualified team behind your project from day one.Sonoma County Landscape Design Services

Consistency Throughout the Process

As a homeowner managing multiple contractors and design companies is a headache.  Getting everyone to communicate and stay on the same page is difficult and frustrating.  Butting head and personalities distracts from the focus on you, the client, and leads to disruption in the work flow and possible flaws in the installation process.  When you hire a design build company such as Inspired Landscapes as your landscape design consultant in Sonoma County you have one single point of contact, simplifying the whole process and allowing you to get direct answers and prompt decision making which saves you valuable time and money.

Let us handle the project management and streamline the design process for you, accountability and quality are hallmarks of our business model!  As award-winning designers with countless successful installation projects and glowing reviews, you can count on our record to assure your design and installation project is seamless, pain-free, and will result in a stunning landscape for you to enjoy for many years to come.
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