What is sustainable landscape maintenance?

What is sustainable landscape maintenance?

Sustainable landscape maintenance is the practice of caring for landscapes in a way that minimizes environmental impact. Hiring Inspired Landscapes ensures you have a landscape maintenance management company who prioritizes sustainable practices in all aspects of their operation.

What is sustainable landscape maintenance?

● Using native plants: Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, so they require less water and maintenance than non-native plants.

● Choosing drought-tolerant plants: Drought-tolerant plants are able to survive with little water, which is important in a region like Sonoma County that is prone to drought.

● Using water-efficient irrigation systems: Updating old systems to modern water efficient systems including low-flow and sub-surface drip irrigation, and weather sensing ‘smart’ irrigation controllers.

● Informed and precise irrigation programming: Many folks think water conservation is all about less lawns and drought-tolerant plants, however the water saving truly happens in the irrigation programming itself. Hiring Landscape irrigation specialists in Sonoma County means you will only irrigate when it’s needed and in the proper amount, maximizing plant health and conservation.

● Minimal use of gas-powered equipment: Gas powered equipment produces a lot of emissions, whenever possible complete the tasks by hand or using battery powered equipment.

● Mulching your plants with locally sourced bulk organic mulches: Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil and suppress weeds, which can reduce your need for water and pesticides. Using local bulk products such as wood bark or compost dramatically reduces your carbon footprint by reducing trucking and eliminating the need for plastic bags bought from hardware stores.

● Composting your yard waste: Composting yard waste helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills which in turn reduces methane emissions, and stores carbon in the ground!

● Sustainable pest control methods: Integrated pest management (IPM), can help you to control pests without using harmful chemicals. This is achieved through selecting plants which invite these beneficial insects to your garden to eat the pests for you, reducing labor, materials, and upsetting plant diseases.

● Avoid spraying insecticides and herbicides: It goes without saying that applying insecticides and herbicides has negative effects on the biodiversity and overall health of our soil and water systems. Whenever possible use light-tough methods such as hand weeding or biological insect controls.

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By following these practices, sonoma landscape maintenance companies can help to create landscapes that are beautiful, healthy, and sustainable.

What are the primary benefits of hiring a sustainable landscape maintenance company in Sonoma County

● Save money on your water bill, and reduce impact on the local watershed.

● Reduce your carbon footprint

● Improve the health of your plants, trees, and soil.

● Provide healthy habitat for local pollinators.

● Protect the health of yourself, your family and neighbors

● Become an ethical and responsible steward of the land

There are a huge number of choices you can make when looking for garden maintenance services in sonoma county and being certain you hire a company who prioritizes sustainable practices should be near the top of your list.  The way we interact with the land is critical for both a landscape’s long term health and for our own.  Using harsh chemicals and irresponsible equipment and dumping practices is a short term outlook approach, we must be ethical and responsible stewards of the land we live on and love so dearly!