Fitch Mountain Contempoary

Notes from Designer and Landscape Manager – Matt Ripley

At the top of Fitch Mountain sat this contemporary gem with new owner’s seeking to create a softened corner of the landscape as a respite from the formality of the other areas, while retaining cohesion with the remainder of the property. The pathway transition from the pool patio to wine cellar and seating area positions under a collection of stunning coast oaks with sweeping views was unfortunately inherited in hazardous disrepair and clearly ripe for rejuvenation.

To affirm the continuity between aesthetics of existing and new landscape I selected large scale concrete pavers with Mexican Pebble borders and 1/4’’ Corten steel retaining headers. These elements drew from the existing landscape themes around the pool with a surface that would allow the owners to comfortably walk barefoot from the pool to the wine cellar.

By revamping this pathway we also gained access to the previously barren patio pad under the Oaks. Utilizing Sonoma Fieldstone inlayed with Corten steel header I began breaking up the contemporary formality without abandoning it’s definition entirely. Fieldstone boulders were placed outwards into the planting areas and accented with a variety of native plantings intended to weave their way between the stone and each other showcasing a collage of color from early spring to the first frosts of winter. The patio seating was nestled beneath the oaks and surrounding Dogwood trees so the majestic view could be enjoyed in tranquility.

Installation as part of the team at Gardenworks Inc.

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